The Catholic Church is one, with the same one faith, under the same Pope, and with the same sacraments. Yet at the same time it is both Eastern and Western, its two lungs with which it breathes the breath of the Holy Spirit, as Pope John Paul II frequently reminded us. Between East and West, the Catholic Church has twenty-two different Rites in which the Mass and other sacraments are celebrated. The Western Catholic Church mainly celebrates in the Roman Rite, which is one of these twenty-two Rites. The Eastern Catholic Church, on the other hand, celebrates the liturgy in several Rites such as the Byzantine, the Armenian, the Melkite and the Maronite, among others.

Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Tampa is an Eastern Catholic Church of the Maronite Rite. The Maronite Church originated when St. Peter founded the Church there. Eventually, this group of Middle Eastern Catholics, mainly from Lebanon, became known as “Maronite,” the name deriving from the holy Syrian monk St. Maron (died 410 AD).Antioch,in


The Reverend Fadi Rouhana, the Pastoral administrator of Our Lady of Purgatory, New Bedford, MA, has been appointed as the new Administrator of Sts. Peter & Paul Maronite Mission by His Excellency, Bishop Gregory Mansour   effective June 1st, 2018.




Divine liturgy:

On Saturday at 6 PM Sunday at 11:30 am


Every first Thursday of every month: Eucharistic Adoration at 6 pm.



June  2020

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